As a mission parish, St. Herman's has aspirations to grow and build a physical building. We are very thankful for the City of Hudson's generous support by providing us a place to worship for the last 9 years, but we are hoping to have a place of our own someday. 

You can help make this dream become a reality. Please consider making a prayerful donation to support us. You can designate whether you would like your donation to go towards the building fund, general church fund, or towards ministry to the poor and those in need.
According to our parish's bylaws, the first 10% of our budget goes toward feeding, clothing and generally supporting the poor and those in need. 

If you would like to donate food, St. Herman's has a box inside the cemetary chapel where you can drop off your offerings before or after any service. 

Thank you very much for your charitable support and may God bless you greatly.

Fr. Basil Rusen:

(330) 608-8896

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