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Enquirer's Class

Current Session - Next Meets Friday 12Jan24

We hope to complete our study this week of "The Spiritual Life" by St. Theophan the Recluse.  The Enquirer's Class is a weekly event on our calendar, every Friday evening at 7-8PM.  While the session material is suggested by our catechumens and our recent new members, the material is well suited to all, and all are thus invited to join.  Please feel free to do so!

Adult Study

Current Session - Next Meets Thursday 11Jan24

We resume our study this week of "Orthodox Dogmatic Theology" by Fr. Michael Pomazansky.  Adult Study is a weekly event on our calendar, every Thursday evening at 7-8PM.  Join us!!!

Adult Study Session - 29Nov17

We continue this week with the third in a series of six videos from Fr. Barnabas Powell entitled, "Orthodox Boot Camp."

Adult Study Session - 30Nov16

A set of 3 of 4 videos from Abbot Tryphon, ROCOR monk on the meaning of the Incarnation of Christ to us as Orthodox Christians.
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