Service Download Area

This page contains services that may be downloaded for use by our faithful who are home-bound due to the CORONA Virus Pandemic.  These PDF's are viewable in any PDF reader, or can be printed (although the volume of pages is quite large for the whole work!). 

They are numbered "1" thru "10", and the number sequence is the ORDER of the services throughout Holy Week.  [I know the list only goes to "7" for now.  Please be patient.  Constantinople wasn't built in a day....  Pray that we'll complete them all "in time"!!!]

We pray this effort is of spiritual benefit to you!

Sunday, 12Apr20, 6PM

Monday, 13Apr20, 6PM

Tuesday, 14Apr20, 6PM

Wednesday, 15Apr20, 6PM

Thursday, 16Apr20, 10AM

Thursday, 16Apr20, 6PM

Friday, 17Apr20, 10AM

Friday, 17Apr20, 3PM

Friday, 17Apr20, 6PM

Saturday, 18Apr20, 10AM

Saturday, 18Apr20, 1130PM