The following projects are currently open within Saint Herman's.  We attempt at all times to serve "the least of our Lord's brethren" by conducing various charitable outreaches.  If you'd care to contribute to any of these, please see one of the sisterhood ladies (any of our female parishioners!), or Father Basil for more information.

Saint Herman's/FOCUS Cleveland

This project has us collecting non-perishable items to carry to Saint Herman's House in the western area of downtown Cleveland.  The following items are on the list of collectibles.  Visit their website at

  • Mayonnaise

  • Milk - Boxed (shelf stable) gallons 2%

  • Coffee - regular ground and instant

  • Sugar - 5 lb. bag

  • Salad dressing - various

  • Canned tuna and/or chicken

  • Assorted canned meat dishes (beek & chili, etc.)

  • Assorted canned vegetables, fruits, soups

  • Peanut Butter

  • Cooking Oil

  • Butter

  • Jelly (plastic jars only)

Household and toiletry items are also on their on-line list.

Zoe for Life

In support of the Zoe for Life group ( centered here in our Cleveland area, and in the spirit of their "Bottles for Babies" campaign, we've placed a large "bottle" at the candle table, and we're encouraging all of our parishioners (and visitors) to toss any loose change in their pockets (some of our more burly parishioners can help turn you upside down to find more if you need the help....) so that we can regularly send off donations in support of this wonderful Orthodox outreach to needy young women.  Any help you can provide, either THROUGH St. Herman's, or to Zoe directly, will no doubt be a blessing to them, and to you!

Hudson Christmas Family

This is now our 11th year of participating in this wonderful program which allows our parish family to (at least for the Feast of Nativity) "adopt" a local family in need.  Cards have been received and given to parishioners, who will in turn buy and wrap gifts for this family, hopefully permitting us to share together the joy that our Lord's coming into this world should bring to fill all of our hearts in this season.  For those who have cards already, please remember that all gifts must be turned in at the Church no later than this coming Sunday, 04December!!!

St.Herman's Church - Handicap Access Project

In January of 2019 at our Annual Meeting, the parish agreed to make significant improvements to our new building.  All of the agreed improvements have now been made - except for one.  We hope to add handicap access to the building.  Some of our faithful would benefit from this improvement right now, and certainly others will also as time goes by.  The cost to achieve this goal remains prohibitive in our current donation basis.  Those who may be moved to help can send donations attention:

Saint Herman Access Project

Please make checks and donations payable to St. Herman of Alaska Eastern Orthodox Church.